TAC Summer Camp: Week 5!

This week the children learned about high fashion while studying the designs in the Comme Des Garcons: The Art of the In-Between exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show centers around the unconventional designs of Rei Kawakubo, who challenges the conventional notions of body, beauty, and good taste. This week, the kids opened their minds to new ideas about what fashion can be.


The exhibit at the Met was very exciting for the kids. The fashions were displayed on funky mannequins with brightly colored wigs. Clusters of designs were presented in various shaped rooms of various elevations. The layout of the show kept the kids on their toes, as they navigated the museum, taking notes and sketching.

IMG_1790 IMG_8702

Both projects this week focused on the bulging forms in Kawakubo’s designs, and certain colors (reds, blues, purples) and elements straight from the show, like layering and ruffles. The Surface Designers worked on making their own free-form pillows, filled with dyed stuffing and bright faux flowers, and with a large satin ruffle runs alongside the top. The weavers used shear materials and pipe-cleaners to make weavings that were then wrapped around small lights to make lanterns.

IMG_4928 IMG_7337

This week was all about the kids discovering the world of high fashion and the endless possibilities of design. We discussed the difference between fashion and art, the importance of creativity and uniqueness, and what it means to challenge the status quo.


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