TAC Summer Camp: Week 4!

This week, the TAC summer camp kids were transported to the tropical country of Brazil! We went to see the late Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica’s exhibit, To Organize Delirium, at the Whitney Museum of American Art. All week the kids worked on tropical themed projects, using bright colors, sand, and leafy prints.


Helio Oiticica’s work includes two large installations entitled Tropicalia and Eden. These installations are garden-like rooms with sand and plants and geometric structures. Oiticica’s artwork is meant to be experienced by the human body, awakening the senses and the feelings that follow. The kids enjoyed exploring the installations and interacting with the work.



The kids worked on their very own terrariums this week. They printed using large palm leaves and dye onto white fabric. We wrapped the fabric around small boxes that we then filled with sand. The surface designers created small flags out of printed fabric and tiny felted bowls that hold small plants. The weavers made flags for their terrariums out of tropical-themed weavings.

IMG_8462The kids enjoyed making some drawings and collages at the museum as well. This was a fun week for all! The children got to experience some fantastic modern art, while also satisfying their urges to touch, feel, and play.



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