TAC Summer Camp, 2018: Week 6!

The last week of camp at Textile Arts Center culminated in a glamorous finale. The campers visited The Met to see the exhibition, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. This exhibit highlighted the luxe fashion that was inspired by illuminated bible passages, gilded crosses and ornate robes. When we came back to TAC, the campers made their own crowns, armor and jewelry that could have been worn down the red carpet of the Met Gala.




The project began by using metallic foils to create different shapes and textures. They made delicate, sculptural shapes out of the foil by dripping glue onto the surface and peeling it off once it dried. They also cut the foil to make different designs, and then ironed it onto sheer fabrics to create a rich surface.



The weavers inserted golden pipe cleaners, sheer fabrics and metallic streamers into their pieces. The pipe cleaners added some structure to their woven crowns and allowed them to explore volume and texture.


The construction of the crowns was an exciting challenge to tackle, and the campers employed creative problem solving skills to be able to wear their pieces. Many of them used cardboard to create more stability and make larger shapes like crosses or swords. The key to this project was hiding the brown of the cardboard with fabrics, foils and pipe cleaners so that their pieces were glamorous.



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This project pushed the campers to make an object that is not only beautiful, but also asks them to consider stability and scale to make something wearable. The range of material exploration helped them realize that the ordinary can become extravagant and luxurious by being thoughtful in experimentation.





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