TAC Summer Camp, 2018: Week 4!

In Week 4 of TAC Summer Camp, we took the students to The Children’s Museum of the Arts to see Scale: Possibilities of Perspective. From here the kids took inspiration to create a weaving of varying proportions using different materials from the thinnest of yarn to rope, that was put on an oversized cotton duct bag they had sewn. As for surface design, they did etchings and blew them up to make large scale printing blocks. These were then used to print on a kaftan they had made.


Our first stop at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, after dropping off backpacks and playing in front of a motion sensored mosaic, was to view some photographs exploring scale with tiny people in contrast to food as if they were a ramp, boulder, etc. The kids made drawings at each stop based on what they were seeing on a piece of paper sectioned off that would become a miniature diorama box similar to a work they had seen in the show. After our last stop where they analyzed casts of broken mirrors, we headed up to the bridge to have a final wrap up and play!






The students in weaving were prompted to use different yarn weights all in different amounts and weave about 15” or more. Once this was done, everyone began to put the weaving on the top of their roughly 20”x 20” bags where they inserted a small zipper in the middle of the weaving and then hammered two grommets for the large, short rope strap. The main reaction from almost every student was that the bag was almost as big as them! The students in surface design took etchings and simplified the shapes. They then used mop yarn on chip board to scale the design up before painting the board and printing on the cotton which they would then make into their kaftans. The surface design students also made cameos of themselves to complete the look.




The students happily wore their kaftans and cameos around TAC once complete. The printing blocks and bags decorated the walls at the open studio on Friday, serving as a great backdrop to the planned out fashion show that the 7-8’s held, complete with tickets and pretzels.



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