TAC Summer Camp, 2018: Week 1!

Throughout Week 1 of TAC Summer Camp, we delved into the power of text and textiles. The campers took a field trip to The Museum of the City of New York to see the exhibit, Activist New York. The exhibition chronicled the history of activism in New York and how the city continues to redefine itself by the voice of the people.

In response to the bold and impactful work we saw, the campers created flags by screen printing statements onto silk fabric and adorning them with pompoms and fringes. The statements on the flags were fiercely powerful, hopeful and oftentimes poetic.

In Sports women are equal

don't litter

flag painting

love is love

save the sea

useless electricity

Our campers used silk paint to create imagery around edges of their flags; some were abstract, and others had graphics that supported their messages.

color blur


Later in the week, the campers stitched their signs around flag poles and took their messages to the street! The colors shining through the silk glittered in the sunlight while they waved their flags proudly. It was a reminder that protest is, at its root, an act of love.

Joyful Marching


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