TAC Pattern Box on the Road!


Whenever I’m on the road, I love to send postcards to my friends and family. I’ll pick them up from anywhere: used bookstores, tacky tourist shops and even the free giveaways from bookstores and coffee shops. Those I tend to alter, adding a personal touch to whatever picture is on the front. However, this time around, I am lucky enough to be using postcards too beautiful to alter. The Textile Art Center’s Pattern Box is filled with 100 unique postcards designed by ten different contemporary textile designers.



Each designer made ten cards and they are organized in the box by tab dividers. This box of cards is almost like having a beautiful picture book, yet instead of it sitting on your shelf you are encouraged to share the art with others! The front of the box even includes a booklet with an introduction, as well as information and a mini-interview with each designer.


Here are a few of my favorite cards:


Acclimate, 2012. Hannah Schultz.


Abstract Art, 2012. Kindah Khalidy.

VictoriaGarcia-Anemone2012 Anemone, 2012. Victoria Garcia.

I’ve really enjoyed picking out cards for all my friends and family and adding my own personal touch to the back. Instead of writing a note about my travels, I’ve decided to draw and paint some beautiful landscapes that I’ve seen all across these grand states. The rolling view out the window of the car continuously provides some really incredible inspiration. 


My workstation in Nevada.


Sketching my view of the Rocky Mountains for my mama.


My first group to be mailed.


A fan of beautiful cards from artists (left to right): Eskayal, Jennifer Parry Dodge, Leah Reena Goren, Ula Cerulean, Hannah Schultz, Helen Dealtry and Jennifer Parry Dodge.


Here’s a sketch of the Nevada desert I made for my BFF and road trip companion. Making sketches on the road has consistently been a practice for me since high school while bonding with my pops on a summer trip to Italy. These days, I am having a blast sharing them through post!

About Lynn Hunter

Lynn Hunter has been working in textiles and instructing at the Textile Arts Center since she returned to NYC after a long stint exploring Europe & Asia in 2013. Outside of TAC, Lynn splits her time between creatively directing at Heirloom, an antique rug company and exploring her erotic rope project Tight Rope.


  1. I love how you have used the postcards Lynn! I am terrible at sending snail mail and your idea of painting on the other side has me all inspired to start again. Such a great way to explain your travels to the lucky people receiving your cards!

  2. Emma Alpert

    Will there be a re-release or 2014 edition?? I want one!!

    • Caitlin

      Hi Emma,

      We are working on a re-release of the TAC Pattern Boxes, but in the meantime you should check out the TAC Pattern Paper Stationary Set available on our online store!

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