Synthetic Fibers & Natural Dyes: Success and Fun at our Latest Sewing Seeds Workshop!

We’re happy to share Sewing Seeds latest project! On January 29th we ventured down to Industry City Distillery to lead a workshop on dyeing synthetic fibers with natural dyes.

Our Sewing Seeds coordinator, Nicole Asselin, started off the workshop by touching on the importance of knowing what kinds of fiber you are working with and how to identify them with a burn test. We quickly realized that you have to use all your senses in this process. How the fabric smells, looks, feels, and transforms as it’s being burned differs between all types of fibers.

While the fiber was being mordanted, the guests enjoyed amazing cocktails from Industry City Distillery while they browsed through our swatch books to get a sense of the surprising possibilities of natural dyes on synthetic fibers.

Nicole then jumped right into talking about the two natural dyes we were working with, turmeric and a iron + tannin (black tea) combination. Turmeric gives a brilliant yellow color to fibers, while the iron and tannin combination creates a range of grays.

We’re so excited that all of our fibers took up the dyes so well, proving that it is possible to obtain beautiful colors on synthetic fabrics with the use of natural dyes!

Thanks to all who joined us in our experiment in pushing the boundaries in natural dyes. Check back to see what other exciting projects our Sewing Seeds team has coming up!

Many thanks to Industry City Distillery for opening up their space to us and to Holes in the Wall Collective for curating this special event!

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  1. Interesting post! What type of synthetic fibres were you working with?

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