Studio Visit: Cara Piazza

We are very excited to announce that this year’s Sewing Seeds fundraiser event, STAINED, will be curated by local artist Cara Piazza. Last week I had the opportunity to peek into her studio to learn more about her work and see what she’s planning to bring to the (literal) table.




She shared that while a student in London she took a workshop on 3D paper and tried the techniques she learned on fabric instead. To this day these techniques resonate with her and continue to define her artistic approach.

But, contrary to the traditional practice of origami, precision is never her foremost goal. Rather she embraces the experimental side of dyeing and likes to let “controlled surprises” drive the end result. Because of this, her clients and customers get to walk away with totally unique pieces, maybe inspired by certain techniques but never created as an exact replica.

Fabric dyed with rust and squid ink

Fabric dyed with rust and squid ink


This idea of “controlled surprises” carries over to her conceptualization of STAINED as well. Guests will be invited to participate with different “sensorial stations” where they will interact with natural dyes in unique ways. Some will even walk away with a physical piece of the experience at the end.

Inspired by performance works like Sleep No More where guests are encouraged to move about the environment at their own pace, each guest will leave with a personalized experience of the event.

She hopes that by giving guests a tangible feeling of the natural dye process she will elevate their understanding of it as a truly artistic medium.

Sketch of tapestry weaving for Stained event

Sketch of tapestry weaving for STAINED


With such a creative individual leading the way, we are positive the event will be a total hit and are anxiously awaiting it’s unveiling. Be sure to stop by Cara’s website to see more of her beautiful work.

STAINED will be held on Thursday, May 22 from 7 to 11pm at The Dumbo Loft. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

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