Staff Picks: Pattern Drafting for Knitters

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I’ve never enjoyed knitting other people’s patterns, mainly because modern knitting books rarely have anything I’m interested in making, AND I HAVE A VISION.

The most important thing I’ve ever learned as a knitter was how to draft my own patterns. It gave me the ability to fully realize the garments I wanted to knit, and write them down so I could replicate them. Base your design off an existing garment that you own, or create something new from scratch: the possibilities are endless!

Now master knitter Lindsay Degen can teach YOU to draft your very own knitting patterns. If you are a knitter, don’t miss this invaluable class coming up in May!


photo: Degen Tumblr

tumblr_n1kiuyIxIi1r3dp6zo1_1280photo: Degen Tumblr

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Pattern Drafting for Knitters with DEGEN
Brooklyn- Artist in Residency Studio
Instructor: Lindsay Degen
Wednesday, 6:30-9:30PM, May 07 – May 28

Staff Picks are a monthly series of discounted classes, based around a theme. This month, we are celebrating EARTH. Staff Picks are 10% off for the month – just enter STAFFAPR14 at checkout!

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