Staff Picks: Natural Dyeing with Local Plants

After a looong day of TAC Summer Camp, Sewing Seeds natural dyers Isa and Nicole asked me to drive them just a few blocks away to cart a large tree branch back to the studio before going home.  It was from a Japanese plum tree damaged in a storm.  I love working with found materials, and I’m all about a good find- and ok, it’ll be quick.

Well we circled, and circled, and circled (was it Carroll + Nevins? Carroll + Smith? President street?  Or Union?) and only one hour later the promised tree!  The ladies braved gawkers and hecklers, while I giggled in the getaway car snapping pictures.

Opportunities for natural dye foraging like these are everywhere, and even if you have only the littlest bit of land, you can grow your own, or shop sustainably through someone who does.   Learn some of the what is in season, when and where to find it, how to extract and why its so important with the Dogwood Dyer Liz Spencer in the upcoming morning series Natural Dyeing with Local Plants (Register Here) May 19th and 21st.

And!  If you find yourself foraging in NYC, don’t forget to grab a limited edition map of Central Park Trees so you don’t lose your bearings- printed with natural dye of course.


Concerned individual lectures Sewing Seeds Founder, Isa about ruining peoples gardens- but it had fallen already! Forage responsibly people!

Staff Picks are a monthly series of discounted classes, based around a theme. This month, we are celebrating EARTH. Staff Picks are 10% off for the month – just enter STAFFAPR14 at checkout!

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