Staff Picks: Katazome Weekend Intensive

Katazome means magic. Well, not literally. The word “Katazome”  (型染め) in Japanese means “stencil to dye,” but the results are nothing short of magical.

STEP 1: Design and create a cut paper stencil.


STEP 2: Mix a traditional rice resist paste.


STEP 3: Apply rice paste to fabric through your cut paper stencil (cue: magic).


 STEP 4: Bippity boppity boop! Dye your fabric and see your designs come to life!

Katazome is a fun and simple way to create all-over surface design patterns on fabric, and the results are as limitless as your own imagination. If you’ve already signed up for one of our sewing classes, imagine the possibility of incorporating your own handmade graphic designs into your work – whether you’re making a dress, a bag, a tent, or an no-waste origami garment.

Katazome Weekend Intensive with Sara Peterman / Saturday + Sunday, 11 AM – 5 PM / June 14 – 15th / TAC Brooklyn

Staff Picks are a monthly series of discounted classes, based around a theme. This month, we are celebrating LABOR. Staff Picks are 10% off for the month – just enter STAFFMAY14 at checkout!

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