Staff Picks: Hapa Zome – The Art of Smashing Flowers!

I’ve been on a bit of a surface design bender. For my clothing label STATE, (more specifically  for our Secret Summer Catalog collection) I went nuts experimenting with painting silk. We painted large dots, sprinkled dry dye pigment, dipped dyed, and more! The results were fantastic and it’s made me very excited for testing even more experimental techniques.  So, you can imagine my delight when I heard the phrase “flower pounding” being mentioned around the TAC studio!

Having more of a “lets build stuff” mom than a “lets go shopping” mom, I’m a big fan of tools and tough stuff.  And when tools intersect with pretty things, it’s even better! Enter: Hapa Zome.  This is the art of smashing flowers or plants to make prints. You can do it on paper or fabric, and the results are amazing! The smashing imbeds the pigment from the plants and flowers into the paper or fabric. If you’re using fabric, you can pre-mordant the fabric for extra lightfast results.  And for paper — well, I’m not sure — I’m excited to find out in the upcoming class!  I can not wait to try this technique and am sure it will inspire many new projects.

In the upcoming After Workshop we’ll be learning this process on paper. We’ll then turn the paper we made into a tiny book!  This will be the perfect late Mother’s Day gift for my mother as the hardware store didn’t deliver (seriously, I checked!).

Hapa Zome After Workshop  – Manhattan TAC, Thursday, June 5th,  6:30-9:30 PM

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