Staff Picks: Flower Crowns

When I was a kid, summer meant living outside. It meant exploring the forest (the elephant ears in my grandmother’s backyard) with my wolf (our huskie), Critter, as my companion. I would wake up before the sun, not returning to the inside world until I was too exhausted from playing pretend…

Now that I am a few decades older and living in New York, most nights I lay awake with severe nostalgia mixed with quasi homesickness. Summer in the city means something completely different than my childhood, though it doesn’t mean I love it any less, I find myself grasping at sentimental moments that reflect my memories. Although it’s Autumn that strikes the nostalgic chord, summer is exactly the same for me. I watch movies that are comforting, and lay in the grass reading books (pretending I am able to shirk all responsibilities). I am lucky that my job feels like play most of the time, but I miss being eight years old.

While playing in the backyard, I would make homes for snails and look under every toadstool to make it wasn’t someone’s home (a tip from my grandmother). We read books about dragons and make mud pies. I loved collecting and pressing flowers in my copy of Through the Looking Glass or my favorite Oz book, The Emerald City of Oz. I loved pretending I was a fairy and our house was really inside of a hill (or in Oz of course)… so, maybe you could surmise that when I found out of we have a Flower Crown After Workshop, my heart set off a little pang…


Frida Kahlo

Although creating flower crowns may spring different feelings/memories for you, I feel like it’s safe to say everyone feels a little more magical while wearing one. Come join Elena in Manhattan after work on July 15th to create your own flower crown using fabric flowers, beads, trims, and fabrics (or whatever else you’d like to add!). Close your eyes and take a deep breath, take a moment to channel your inner magic.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette


Elena Kanagy-Loux
Tuesday, 6:30-9:30PM, July 15

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The After Workshops are a series of high quality hands-on classes, at low cost and low commitment. Materials, skills and fun supplied. 

Staff Picks are a monthly series of discounted classes. Take 10% OFF enrollment for the Flower Crowns After Workshop – just enter STAFFJUN14 at checkout!

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