Staff Picks: Design A Bag

In this city each day, we are urban adventurers, setting out at the crack of dawn, flitting about from one thing to the next and seldom returning home until the wee hours. We carry with us all the supplies to make it through each day’s multifaceted journey. Our bags, purses and backpacks become our second homes.

Sound romantic? What can I say…I’m a bag lady. But nevermind fancy designer purses, I salivate at the mere thought of a handsewn tote with all the right dividers and pockets to carry the full list of necessities that I may or may not recite aloud each time I leave the house (wallet, keys, phone, charger, chapstick, book, little book, pen, handkerchief…).

If you’re anything like me, then Sewing 104: Design a Bag is a class that you cannot afford to miss!

In this 4 week class, you’ll learn about all the bag building essentials from fabric selection, to reinforced seams, set in zippers and custom pockets…*drool*. And you’ll walk away with more than just a bag; you’ll have a new trusty companion.


Instructor: Joey Casey
Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30PM, Jun 04 – Jun 25

Now, for some bagspiration…






il_570xN.473511699_3b4m(Photo: Etsy, IndependentReign)

il_570xN.274762975(Photo: Etsy, HangaBag)

il_570xN.475211627_9ai5(Photo: Etsy, Leathinity)

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