Staff Picks: Basketry 101

I always loved baskets. When I was kid, I remember my great grandmother making them, and I had a (small) collection that I’d proudly bring everywhere with my precious possessions. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to learn the craft from my great grandmother, and for some reason I kept on missing out opportunities to learn.

A month ago, in an effort to run away from the eternal Winter that we experienced this year, Kelly and I took off to a warm destination. I was pretty happy to just lay in the Sun, soaking in as much vitamin D as I could, and doing as little as I could. While Kelly was busy as a bee collecting reeds and roots, and weaving them into baskets. While watching her, I couldn’t help to think about, that the first baskets ever made maybe originated in a similar context — material available, time, a curious and pro-active mind.

photo (21)

Kelly Valletta’s basket prototypes


The oldest existing baskets are dated more than 10,000 years old. And even though,  I have a crush for portuguese “cestos” (baskets), there are so many amazing baskets throughout the world! I thought than instead of going all out writing about the diversity of intricate techniques, or about the exquisite designs, or about the functional and historical context of basketry, I’d let the BASKETS speak for themselves. Impossible to not be inspired.


Inspired? Consider taking our upcoming Basketry 101 class.

Basketry 101
Tuesday, 6:30-9:30PM, Jun 03 – Jun 24
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