Soojin Cha | Eternal Energy: Embroidery Drawing

As I was strolling down the street in Little Italy the other day, I came across Gallery Nine5, where the work of Korean embroidery artist Soojin Cha is on view until December 28th in an exhibition titled: Eternal Energy: Embroidery Drawing.


The space is narrow and long, exhibiting primarily 2D works by the artist upon entering. As you progress through the gallery, however, the work becomes increasingly sculptural. At the end of the hall there is an open space where a large installation hangs supended from the ceiling.


Most of Cha’s work is comprised of silk covered wire and large-scale embroidery. I was fascinated by the scale of her drawings with thread. Not only is the work very colorful, but it has a fascinating element of depth and detail made through the careful layering of mixed materials. There is a serenely beautiful and ghostlike quality to the work, which is emphasized by the way drawings seem to float off of the frames and into the space itself.




Soojin Cha | Eternal Energy: Embroidery Drawing 
On view until December 28th, 2014
Gallery Nine5, 24 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012

*All photographs by Sinru Ku

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