Snow Dyeing: ‘Tis the season

We’ve been terribly spoiled with the weather lately, with just a little reminder just 10 days ago that innocent looking snowflakes will only fall more frequently in the coming months, it’s time to think about how to make the cold white stuff more fun!

Snow dyeing using fibre reactive dyes yields some amazingly colourful and interesting patterns and designs to liven any dreary winter’s day, just check out the images below for inspiration.

 Snow dyeing process

(image via Luann Kessi)

Snow Dyed Fabric

(image via Creating the Hive)

 Snow Dye Fabric

(image via Le Green Goat)

For the chance to experiment with this great dyeing technique and many more with vibrant, colourful and easy to use dyes sign up now for our Fibre Reactive Dye class starting next Saturday in Brooklyn. Don’t wait for the snow to melt!!

Intro to Fiber Reactive Dyes
Sat  11AM -2PM,  February 4 – February 25
Instructor(s): Liz Smith
Location: TAC – Brooklyn Location
Click here to register! 

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