Sea Island Indigo Retreat: Dyeing, History, and Food in South Carolina

Calling all textile-folk in the southerly states! Sea Island Indigo is hosting an incredible three-day indigo dyeing retreat and tour in Charleston this September. The trip will appeal to the textile nerds, foodies, and history buffs — a pretty amazing combination.

indigo retreat

The three-day extravaganza is broken down into two parts. In the first, Sharon Cooper-Murray, a spokesperson for the Gullah people who are descendants of the enslaved West African population of South Carolina, will share the culture and textile practices of the Gullah through a rag quilting workshop. In the course, participants will learn methods that were practiced in the 1700′s.

In the second portion, retreat participants will travel to Sea Island Indigo’s farm, where they’ve cultivated an entire field of indigo. There, Donna will teach students how to harvest the plant, create a fresh leaf vat, make eco-prints from the leaves, and other indigo techniques. In a world of pre-reduced indigo powder and synthetic dyes, this is a pretty rare and incredible experience.

After two days on the farm, the retreat will end with a foodie-certified feast, focused around old-school South Carolina BBQ.

After reading the event description, I’m kicking myself for being stuck in Brooklyn. Please, help me live vicariously and sign up for this awesome retreat!

Charleston 3-Day Indigo Retreat and Tour by Sea Island Indigo / September 18th – 20th

Charleston, South Carolina

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