Residencia de la Tela: A Holistic Examination of ‘Making’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times over: my time at TAC was crucial to understanding and exploring the vast importance of community and creativity to our wellbeing. It isn’t only the ongoing programs that provide outlets for kids and adults and aid in preserving handcrafts: TAC is a physical space where diverse opinions, thoughts, and means of expression are cultivated, heard and cared for under one roof. Textiles get to play a vital part in this, in a very clear and beautiful way, that I believe to be truly holistic.

We move on to 2017 in a blend of deep emotions and need for practical actions, finding ways to speak out while listening clearly to one another. As we find and create our personal and collective ways to move forward, we get to look to places like TAC to learn what community means, and what support looks like.

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In one small example of many, the TAC blog makes space for sharing of ideas and opportunities for the creative community. From February 12-19, in partnership with Pocoapoco, I’ll be leading a one-week residency entitled Residencia de la Tela: On Textiles and How We Exist. The time will provide a unique opportunity to examine our desire for “making” from deeper psychological, cultural, and spiritual perspectives — using textiles as an embodiment of creativity, and an avenue for connection.


The meeting ground will be in-and-around Oaxaca City, Mexico – a location of deep textile roots and tradition. Through in-depth group dialogue, seminars with Oaxacan artisans and artists, lectures, healing practices, and hands-on experimentation, we will explore how textile traditions, natural fibers and our own personal habits of making reflect broader values and human needs.

This residency can be an opportunity for many things: 1) stepping back and exploring creative expression through textiles, which undeniably link humans to one another; 2) questioning our material life and the relationship to/importance of the objects in it; 3) and an open learning process for travelers and tourists, engaging with a culture that is not their own; lessons in listening and asking questions, appreciating without appropriating.

10% of proceeds will go to the CADA Foundation, a Oaxaca-based organization whose aim is to achieve sustainable models for local artisans and suppliers to operate in the local and global economy without losing cultural identity.

More info and application here! Deadline is Dec. 23rd.




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