Premiére Vision is the world’s premier fabric show. It occurs twice a year, beginning in Paris, and then traveling to Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow and… New York!

Around 700 weavers from 28 different countries (!) present their textile collections in cooperation with the fashion calendar and the apparel industry demands. Premiére Vision also includes trend forecasting and fabric innovation presentations. The show was in New York last week on July 13th + 14th, and the textile design companies were in New York presenting their samples for Winter 2012/2013!

Because textile design is the industry I someday wish to work in, I was so excited for my first Preméire Vision tradeshow. I had heard about it years before, and was imagining the event to be something slightly akin to a Moroccan marketplace, if it were solely a textile bazaar: Noise and confusion, tons and tons of gorgeous, colorful textiles and trims, silks draped on every surface, and famous designers and their buying teams haggling with the vendors over the cost of importing Italian leathers and French lace… basically, everything short of dancing monkeys.

Not so much.

The tradeshow was much, much more professional, and much less colorful than I imagined, of course. But it was still an eye-opening and gorgeous show! I had to pre-register for access, and upon arrival security scanned my print-out e-ticket, and handed me an access badge and an information package with a notebook, pencil, map and vendor listing. Good thing! Vendors were confined to white cubicles and laid out in a maze-like formation (navigating the maze was the one element in common with a Moroccan souk!), and without the map a buyer would have found it nearly impossible to find specific vendors!

I wasn’t buying, and so I didn’t mind getting lost. Around the corner of every cubicle there was beautiful textiles to be found, and this year there were 19 vendors boasting eco-friendly finishing techniques, 20 using/producing organic fabrics, 16 employing responsible production practices, and 13 producing recycled fabrics. Yay!


Additionally, this year, for the first time, the show partnered with the prestigious Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography, to award a prize to an emerging designer. The top 10 finalists of this years festival were able to show their designs at Premeire Vision, in a beautiful group show. The 2011 top prize went to Céline Méteil.


A design from Celine's prizewinning collection, displayed at the show.

Another very impressive prizewinner was Michael Kampe.


A displayed design by Michael Kampe.

Very inspiring by both the fashion designers and all of the weavers and textile designers showcased at Premiére Vision!

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