Premiere Vision NYC: An International Textile Event

Premiere Vision is a massive textile event which travels internationally and seeks to connect professionals in the industry. On January 17th-18th, Premiere Vision made its way to NYC at Pier 94 with some 360 different exhibitors from all over the world. The event was free to the public with fabrics ranging from French lace, Italian leather and even local designs from Brooklyn.


The space was broken up into sections allowing its guests to curate their experience based on their interests: manufacturing, fabrics, leather, accessories and designs. I personally went to Premiere Vision for the networking potential with New York based companies, but the massive fabric buying event is perfect for designers and artists alike. Here’s a taste of some of the stand out brands:

Shima Seiki:


Shima Seiki is a Japanese based manufacturing company specializing in seamless knitted apparel. Their booth was very striking because front and center was their massive knitting machine working away. Their fabrics work well with a wide range of apparel needs and clients can place custom orders for design samples.






Solstiss, based in NYC, specializes in hand embellishing delicate lace that’s produced in France. The company embellishes per order and can customize based on the needs of the customer. Their new collection had a variety of three dimensional textures which were delicate, ephemeral and some of the most stunning I had seen all day. They were also incredibly friendly and very eager to answer any of my questions.


Malfroy Million:


There was a wide range of printed fabrics to choose from, but Malfroy Million was one of the few that really popped. The French brand works specifically with natural dyes on silk and cashmere, making them a high end retailer for printed fabric. Their new collection aimed to clash technique with art in a colorful display that was incredibly eye catching.




Embodying Brazil in the form of digital prints, Kalimo had a huge and colorful range of stretch fabrics perfect for swim or active wear. With so many amazing prints to choose from, their sales associates made the process easy by offering swatches and fabric specs for take home.


Ge Fin:


Digital prints came in many forms at Premiere Vision, but it was especially dazzling to see them expressed on leather. Ge Fin‘s Italian leathers are incredibly saturated with color, contrasting patterns of elegant repeats and fun all over designs. Ge Fin is one of the first tanneries to take on digital printing and stays environmentally conscious by producing metal free leathers.


If you’re sad you missed out – don’t be! Premiere Vision NYC will be back this summer, July 18th-19th, 2017. Visit their website to register + plan your visit!

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