PowerSuit Boutique



PowerSuit Boutique specializes in extracting your most ambitious plans and translating them into a wearable garment you can wear now.

Boutique offered clients the opportunity to discover their PowerSuit, a custom garment or costume piece that activates the wearer to take confident and courageous actions. Each PowerSuit is completely unique, inspired by the 30-minute individual consultation session with the artists. Through this process, clients brainstorm and vocalize their biggest ambitions.



The pop-up boutique was located in the heart of the Fashion District and open during 2013 Fall Fashion Week. The space for the project was provided by chashama.

If you’d like to contact Aliya about creating a future version of PowerSuit Boutique please email her at boutique [at] powersuits [dot] org. Or if you’d like to join her mailing list, sign up here ! + Check out the PowerSuit Facebook Page!




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