Opportunity: Lillstreet Art Center Artist in Residence

Do you live in Chicago, or want to spend some time there?

Lillstreet Art Center is seeking a new Textile Artist in Residence:


“Lillstreet’s resident artist program was established to benefit the Lillstreet student community, as well as the Artist-in Residence. The residents in each of our 8 departments dedicate time to work with students outside of classes in order to enrich Lillstreet students’ experience by seeing and learning from a working artist in their midst. The Artist-in-Residence Program also serves as a resource for our teachers by asking the Artist-in-Residence to assist from time to time with classes and demonstrations. This program is meant to help bolster the vitality of the student community and create relationships with the students. The main focus of this residency is for the artist to be an encouragement and resource for the Lillstreet student community as well as provide an opportunity for the artist to develop their work.”

Visit their website for more information about the organization, or visit their Textile blog for more about the specific program.

Textile Artist In Residence Call

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