NYC Permaculture Festival 2014


Sewing Seeds has been working with The Old Stone House in Brooklyn to cultivate natural dyes from garden plants.  To conclude the summer season, The Old Stone House hosted a New York Permaculture Exchange event, the NYC Permaculture Festival, of which Sewing Seeds was happily a part.  Sewing Seeds set up a table and got to work, teaching people of all ages and experience levels how to dye fabric with plants picked straight from the garden!


table talk-1

Sewing Seeds intern, Diana, leads a discussion about natural dyes.


Flowers picked from the garden, which were used in our bundle dyes.

bundle dying

Arranging and pressing in petals and berries  before rolling and tying the live colors into the fabric and submerging in hot water.

finished product zoom

The beautiful colors and patterns that resulted!

finished product

New natural dye experts rightfully admiring their work.

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  1. 295 Fifth Avenue

    It is motivating to see new natural colors come to life. It is great that we can actually see this fold out as planned in the pictures above.

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