Navajo Tapestry in Antelope Canyon

Last week I got the chance to fly out to Arizona and join my sister for the remainder of her cross country road trip home to Los Angeles.  Upon arriving in Phoenix, we headed north towards Page to visit the underground wonderland that is Upper Antelope Canyon.


canyon 1


Since the canyon rests on Navajo land, visitors are only allowed on site if accompanied by one of the several Navajo family-run tour companies.  Normally not one for guided tours, I have to tell you that this one totally ruled!  Our guide, Jaz,  told us all about the family business and how she started out selling tickets and taking payment.  As soon as she was old enough to drive she jumped on the chance to run tours and take people out to the canyon.



page az1

navajo 2


Wondering how Antelope Canyon came to be?  It was formed by flash floods and continues to change and evolve each time a flood runs through.  Dramatic and often devastating, the flash floods leave dark stains all along the Navajo sandstone– weaving an interlacing pattern known as Navajo tapestry.  The tapestry color variation changes throughout the day with the positioning of the sun, however it’s nearly impossible to catch a moment in the canyon that isn’t breathtaking.


navajo tapestry 1


I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini visual vacation and that you fell as in love with the sandstone’s Navajo tapestry as I did!  Now it’s time to take this inspiration to the loom!

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