Must See: Fiber Futures at the Japan Society

Last Thursday, Addison and I had the pleasure of going to the opening reception for Fiber Futures at the Japan Society. After aiding in the educational programming for the show, I was so excited to see it come together.

A little about the show:

“Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers showcases the dynamic field of Japanese fiber art. Organized as a juried show jointly presented by Japan Society and International Textile Network Japan in collaboration with Tama University Art Museum, the works on display range from ethereal silk and hemp to paper pulp and synthetic fiber using methods that are sometimes deeply traditional, but sometimes employ the latest weaving and dyeing technology along with an environmentally conscious “green” ethos. Moving far beyond traditional utility, Japan’s textile pioneers fuse past and present to create innovative, beautiful and sometimes challenging works of art.”

I had never been to the Japan Society — their gallery space is very beautiful. And, as you’d expect, the general vibe is very zen and calming. The breadth of techniques visible in the show was amazing, and many made you wonder “HOW did they do that?” Luckily, the space is set up such that you can walk up to, around, within all of the pieces for a closer look.

Up close, we realized this piece was created through double weave. A structural strip of plastic (?) was slid between layers, and folded like an accordian.


I find the description from the JS website to be very accurate — there was a true sense of tradition throughout the show, but it was not overly done. The mix of louder, more colorful pieces, with the soft, quiet and mysterious ones, led you room through room waiting for the next surprise.


The best part were these ladies!

Apologies for the poor image quality — only had my phone on me. You can view photos from the exhibition here, on the Japan Society website. But really, you should go see it for yourself! On view until December 18, 2011.



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