Monday Morning Inspiration: Swoon

It’s funny how, sometimes, when you are younger you don’t realize the experiences you are having are important…until one day they come back to remind you of their significance. When you are in college and you think special things are always around the corner, but they aren’t, and then you find that these intangible things are changing you in subtle ways…

One experience I remember was the night I was able to hear Swoon do an Artist Lecture at Florida State University. I think since I was a kid, my idea of what art and expression could be was always drastically changing. Moving to FSU was one of those things that I didn’t realize would be a game changer…until four years after the fact. I feel really lucky that I have these myriad experiences to pull from. I feel very grateful that when exploring Swoon’s most recent exhibit at Brooklyn Museum, it transports me back to Tallahassee and back into the arms of all that changed me both as an artist and person.

Swoon’s Submerged Motherlands is on view at the Brooklyn Museum until August 24th.

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