Meet the Artists of AIR Cycle 7!

 We’re thrilled to announce Cycle 7 of our Artists in Residence program!

Once again we have a super inspiring group, which diverse artistic and geographic backgrounds, from industrial design to fine art, from Sweden to Chile.

The new group moved in a month ago and it has been great to see the AIR studio spaces filled with inspiration and work in progress again. We can’t wait to see what the next nine months hold… Meet the AIR Cycle 7 residents:




Fanny Gentle is a Swedish artist and illustrator. She moved to New York in 2005, and started showing her paintings and illustrations at the Brooklyn Gallery, 31 Grand. She had her first solo show at 31 Grand Gallery.  “Picnic” was a show of large scale paintings, installations and drawings.  It was the first time she explored making textile art pieces, flags and a teepee made out of quilted fabrics. As a commercial illustrator she has worked on variety of projects, from Holiday windows for Kiehl’s to making hand painted patterns for the coffee company Zoegas. She also produced one of a kind textile jewelry for Anthropologie under name Folki. Color, pattern and the handmade is at the core of her work. Her recent work is a hybrid of painting and textile, a space where fine art and handicraft coexist.




Alex Goldberg is a conceptual artist and designer based in New York. Alex’s practice focuses on activating the senses through material play, with the intention to enhance the user’s perception and imaginative thinking. She received a Master of Science in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in May of 2015. Her thesis work at Pratt focused on sensory thresholds and the idea that fantasy and reality can interact in the built environment.







Victoria Manganiello is a curator and producer with experience in Contemporary Art Museums, Galleries, Auction Houses, and artist studios. She is currently the founder and director of a non-profit nomadic art space called No Home Gallery. Throughout her career, she has simultaneously maintained her practice as a contemporary artist, working predominantly with a LeClerc floor loom, synthetic and natural dyes, cotton, wool, and silk to produce woven paintings and fiber installations. She has a BFA from Skidmore College in Art History and Studio Art and a MA from NYU in Art, Education, and Community Practice. She is constantly seeking ways to engage her work with the people she encounters and the issues she cares about. She sees weaving as a powerful medium for metaphorically representing our world’s current social concerns. Artistic communities are of high importance to her and she looks forward to joining the TAC community.





Yunjung Kang is fiber, mixed media and visual artist creating two/three-dimensional forms in both drawings and sculptures. She currently lives and works in New York City. She was born in Busan, South Korea where she received her BFA (2007) and MFA (2009) from Dong-A University, Busan. She mainly studied traditional textile techniques such as tapestry weaving and quilting in the programs. In 2010, she studied abroad in the US, attending the Post-Baccalaureate certificate program in Fiber and Textile Studies at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Her work started shifting from traditional techniques to material manipulating based on mixed media as being in new environment brought about new inspirations. She graduated with an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2014) in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Since the program, she has been exploring the physical and spiritual relationship of the inside/outside body through creating drawings and sculptures. She has attended the Artist Residency Programs in Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle, ME, Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, and the Fiber Department at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.


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Jamie Israelow is a Brooklyn-based weaver and textile designer. Her materials are often sourced from the landscapes and regions that are the subject of her compositions. She spends as much time in the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires as possible with her husband, furniture designer Asher Israelow, and her puppy, Jupiter.





Maeve Broome is an artist and designer born and raised in rural Maine. With a background in sculpture and painting, she began teaching herself clothing and textile design after college and launched her small fashion line, MYFAWNWY, in 2013. She creates one of a kind garments and site specific collections inspired by the surreal, the serene and the psychedelic.





From the onset of her career, Colette Aliman’s earliest work has been inspired by a deep love and admiration for the medium of the inflatable sculpture. She has been in the pursuit of perfecting an inflatable oriented design practice since she took part in a dual degree program at Tufts University, in conjunction with The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. It was at this time, that while living in Boston, MA, she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in the summer of 2013. Currently, Colette resides in New York City where she freelances as a furniture and textile designer, as well as an assistant for numerous installations both inflatable and soft sculpture. In addition to her work as a freelancer, she is perpetually on the look out for engaging and fruitful collaboration and views collaboration as a catalyst for play, learning, and all around growth.


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Ignacia Murtagh is a Chilean product designer, currently living in New York. Her background includes a major in Design in Santiago Chile, Furniture Design in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, a Post Experience Program in Ceramic Design in the Royal College of Art in London and an apprenticeship in the Royal Crown Derby Bone China Manufacturers in Derby, UK. Her work ranges from ceramic, furniture and textile design, creating objects with a strong connection with contemporary living and an aesthetic experience. Chile’s nature and landscape is her main source of inspiration. She carefully studies her source and how it can be translated into contemporary objects that communicate the poetic beauty of nature. Her design method is wide: some projects will be found in local and traditional methods and its reinterpretation into contemporary pieces. Others will respond to its materiality and manufacturing process. She uses hand built methods as well as 3D modeling and printing. It all depends on the story behind the product and how materiality, function and form are coherent with the narrative that structures and characterize her simple and pure work.


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