May Fiber Art Picks!


- Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Corday -

Pelage: Kimberly Corday 

Three Squares Studio

April 28th – August 31st 2017 

Pelage: Something that resembles the coat of a mammal. Kimberly Cordays’ solo exhibition displays a contemporary style of weaving that exhibits pieces reminiscent of nature. Using an array of textiles and techniques she creates misshapen organic wall hangings that she describes as, “preserved textiles of a bygone era.”



-Mitsue Hoshino Kimono, Courtesy of Nippon Club -

Mitsue Hoshino Textile Exhibition

The Nippon Club

May 11th – 24th 2017

Hoshino uses traditional dyeing and weaving techniques to create silk kimonos that she hopes will last for generations. Bold colors are her trademark, dyed naturally using organic plants with a technique called Kasuri.


- “Every Woman” 2016 Billie Zangewa, courtesy of Afronova -

Billie Zangewa 

Afronova: 1:54 New York 2017  

May 5th -7th 2017 

A space focused on dialogue and African expression, Afronova has become an international affair since its start in 2005. Billie Zangewa will be one of many artists present. She constructs silk tapestries that are inspired by fashion illustrations and her present environment of Johannesburg, South Africa.



-  ”WOW”, Terri Friedman, 2016 courtesy of Barbara Mathes Gallery -

Liminal Focus

Barbara Mathes Gallery 

April 26th – June 30th 2017

An assemblage of contemporary artists who have evaded being categorized into a singular genre come together in, “Liminal Focus” at Barbara Mathes Gallery. Two artists included are Lenore Tawney and Terri Friedman. Tawney was one of the first women to redefine the idea of female craft in the 1950′s through weaving. Friedman uses her weavings as a way to continue her exploration of painting. Both women created their own direction in the world of fiber arts.


- Magdalena Abakanowicz. Yellow Abakan. 1967–58. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art -

Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction


Through August 13th

Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction is a vibrant and energetic display of female artistry. A diverse selection of women and genre’s came together in an overall engaging exhibition. This included the works of Ruth Asawa, Lenore Tawney, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Sheila Hicks who utilized fiber to turn it into a new genre of craft.

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