March Fiber Art Picks!

                                                         Photo courtesy of SPRING/BREAK


Mar 1 – 6, 2017

Taking place during Armory Arts Week, check out SPRING/BREAK, which is a curator driven show utilizing underused historic NYC buildings. All art is centralized around the theme of Black Mirror, which to put simply, is an introspective self portrait enhancing some features while obscuring others.

Make sure to check out the show, “Do I contradict myself?” curated by Anastasia Voron, and featuring Textile Arts Center’s AIR Cycle 7 artists Colette Aliman, Maeve Broome, Fanny Gentle, Alexandra Goldberg, Yunjung Kang, and Victoria Manganiello and their explorations of the multiplicity of the self through fiber.

Also showing at SPRING/BREAK are Liz Collins, TAC’s AIR guest critic + mentor, as well as Brigitta Varadi, Sewing Seeds’ 2014 resident.

                                                                 Photo courtesy of James Cohen Gallery

Yinka Shonibare MBE: Prejudice at Home: A Parlour, A Library, and a Room 

James Cohan Gallery

Feb 17 – Mar 18 2017

Shonibare’s work deals with the the theme of otherness.  Prejudice at Home: A Parlour, a Library, and a Room represents what it means to have an individual and collective identity filtered through history. He explores immigration, globalization, colonialism, and prejudice through the decades using African fabrics to create a specific interior experience.


                     Photo courtesy of MILLER Contemporary Instagram @millercontemporarynyc

Leeza Meksin: Purse Strings and Body Bags 

MILLER Contemporary

Feb 11th – Mar 26th, 2017

The Interior/Exterior show Purse Strings and Body Bags comments on the experience of the female in society by using transparent mediums indicative of the female body and female paraphernalia. Layers and bold colors transforms the space into something vibrant and multi-dimensional.


                                     Photo courtesy of Mulherin instagram @mulherinnewyork

Group Show: Old Glory 

Mulherin New York

Feb 17th – Mar 5th 2017

This group show, Old Glory, exemplifies the feelings corresponding to how Americans feel about the state of America. Typical patriotic symbolism at the root of the shows aesthetic, one can see the varied opinion and emotion expressed through a variety of media.


                                 Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Amy Jorgensen: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue 

Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Feb 8 – Mar 12, 2017

Amy Jorgensen’s show, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue is a collection of Images transferred onto vintage handkerchiefs showcasing women suffrage advocates in the 19th century. Each aesthetic decision has a relation to its history. Women often exchanged handkerchiefs during the movement, it was a sign of femininity and sisterhood.

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