Large Scale Silk Marbling with Ilana Kohn

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My very first class at the Textile Arts Center — and quite possibly my favorite — was silk marbling with designer Ilana Kohn.  I had marbled a bit in high school art class, but never properly. The class I took was an After-Workshop, a 3 hour intro class in Manhattan, and we used silk hankies as the base for marbling. (I strategically made most of my Christmas gifts in this evening!)

I’ll never forget the feeling of absolute magic that marbling evokes!  It’s so instant and spectacular. Once I got going, I never wanted to stop!  As I marbled away, my brain was busy thinking of ALL THE THINGS I’D MARBLE! I’d buy all the inks, a large marbling bath, and marble presents for everyone I knew! I’d marble all of my clothes. I’d marble dishes! I’d apprentice under Master Marblers… etc… 

(I’ve noticed this is a common side effect of classes at TAC, your brain will feel like it’s exploding with ideas and projects, and quite possibly grand illusions… This same thing happened in my first Weaving class.)



So, when TAC started offering large scale marbling with Ilana — working in a much larger bath, making large square silk scarves — it was like a dream come true!  Think of all the things you’ll make! And working large scale is extra fun because you work in a team. (4 hands to hold all corners of the fabric.)  So, just think of all the potential high fives you will have after each gorgeous scarf is revealed!

I really can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

One Day Marbling Workshop — Sunday, October 27th   11-5pm.  Located at TAC Brooklyn.







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