Katy Ann Gilmore + The Shape of the Air

As I sit here writing to you from the Manhattan location of TAC, I can feel my skin cells soak up the vitamin D while my mind races to gather every bit of sunshine to inspire me through weekend projects.

Browsing through tumblr is such a great way to find some inspiration, even if you aren’t looking for it. Recently I stumbled upon sculptural artist, Katy Ann Gilmore and her eerily elegant piece, The Shape of the Air.

“The Shape of the Air”, 2012, Aluminum screen, cotton thread, 6 feet x 5 feet x 12 feet
photo: Jordan Ruffin.

The Shape of the Air, Opening Night, Heritage Art Gallery, Azusa, CA, 9/11/12


Everything gives off data. This data may be calculable, rendering itself to organization or may simply be intriguing. This obsession with data ultimately stems from a deep curiosity of the world around me, both the visible and the invisible. I collect data, whether through mathematical formulas, daily rituals, or molding grids around actual visual objects.

Each work begins with a desire to come to a deeper understanding of the world around me. I conduct experiments, take notes, create sketches, and build objects hoping to instill knowledge.  This knowledge may not be concrete, factual information, but simply a deeper understanding or appreciation of given phenomena represented by the data I accrue. I am not simply content to gain this knowledge but feel compelled to make a visible object based on my curiosity, by responding to my study or creating an object that depicts concrete information.

It is my hope that a viewer comes to a better appreciation of the world as well, possibly seeing seemingly mundane processes as something ultimately nontrivial.”

(all images and text courtesy of artist’s website)

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