Italian Opera and Mannequins: Amy Chiao

Amy Chiao recently graduated as a fine arts textile major from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her portfolio includes a variety of unique mediums, materials, and ideas. In a recent artist statement she explains that she is primarily interested in “weaving together synthetic and organic materials” and aims to explore her personal interest in ritualizing and “object fixations in religious and virtual communities.” On her website, she reveals, “I was brought up in a household of Cantonese folk music, Italian Opera and mannequins.”


Weaving Sample, Amy Chiao. RISD Portfolios.

As a mixed media and performance artist, her work is often featured in performance videos to evoke some sense of purpose or story with each object or costumes she creates. Take a look at these incredible weaving samples and apparel pieces!


CAD Apparel Design, Amy Chiao. RISD Portfolios.


CAD Apparel Design, Amy Chiao. RISD Portfolios.


Amy Chiao’s Final Senior Exhibition at RISD. Amy Chiao.

Interested in seeing more of Chiao’s work? Visit her website at!

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