Over the past months, we have been very (very) busy here at the Textile Arts Center! Bursting at the seams, we are so incredibly excited to share with you our new endeavor, TAC Magazine


This bi-annual publication will give voice to the modern textile movement, and will fit effortlessly into the overarching mission of Textile Arts Center.


Rooted in an educational and community-centric approach, TAC will deliver curated content that informs and inspires. Through 96 pages of ahead-of-the-curve tutorials, designer and artist studio visits, current textile news, fashion editorial spreads, and travel guides, TAC will bind a community hungry for knowledge and inspiration, and provide a missing link in connecting the international textile community, while attracting new enthusiasts.


  • Textile News Features — Full length feature stories exploring current events and trends in the textile world. From visits to solar powered fiber farms, to digging deeper into a designer’s inspiration, these features will keep you informed and engaged.
  • Travel guides — Visually arresting travel journals from far flung locales especially tailored to textile-loving voyeurs.
  • Tutorials — Each issue has two tutorials where you’ll learn new skills, perfect old ones, and get your hands dirty. Taught by our favorite instructors, designers and artists, they’re like tiny classes you can hold.
  • Editorial Fashion Stories —a chapter of total eye candy celebrating textile trends, designers, styling, photography and the art of visual storytelling.
  • Artist and Designer Highlights — Go behind the scenes in our favorite artist/designers’ studios. Our interviews will cover their process, inspiration, goals, and struggles.
  • Events Page — Finally, all textile events in one place. These pages will give you a comprehensive, worldwide list of upcoming events, shows, and deadlines from leading museums, schools, galleries and more.
  • The Directory — The last pages will feature a collection of brands, businesses, and labels we love and think you will too. And don’t miss the Swatch Spot — a full page devoted to one designer that includes a fabric swatch from their new collection. (A textile magazine wouldn’t be complete without some actual textiles, right?!)

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We’re incredibly fortunate to belong to a supportive and talented textile community here in NYC, but we know that doesn’t exist everywhere. By helping to make TAC a reality, you’ll be part of a larger network of makers, designers, and artists who want access to this information, no matter where you live.

By pre-ordering your subscription now, you’re part of the solution. But, your support now helps us print the first issue. We’ll need your continued excitement and support to keep the following issues coming. We know there’s an audience out there who is hungry for this type of content. This is your moment to prove us right and help make this publication a success. 

tac mag

TAC will also include a minimal and curated advertising section. We hope the featured ads direct our readers to businesses, brands, artists and products that we believe in. To learn more about our advertising and sponsorship opportunitites, see our Media Kit. Send any questions you may have to us at


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Don’t miss out on how you can help by checking out our Indiegogo for Pre-Order Subscriptions!


  1. Alice aseiber

    Looking forward to viewing this magazine.

  2. Cathy

    Looks beautiful! Will there be an e-version?
    Did you know the Nordic and Sweds are wishing we would not make sweaters for penguins? They say it is harmful for the penguins. You might want to look into that.

  3. Will the subscription price be the same if I don’t pre-order it?

    • Owyn

      Hi Beth – Yes, the price remains the same, the sales platform will only be on our website though. Thanks!

  4. Stephanie

    looks dreamy! is it possible to purchase the single issue anywhere and not the full subscription? (grad student budgeting but subscription is on the wish list!)

    • Caitlin

      Hi Stephanie,

      You can purchase single issues in-person at our Brooklyn studio, or if you are not in the NYC area simply give our studio a ring at 718-369-0222 and we can process your order over the phone! Full list of TAC Mag stockists coming to our website soon!

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