Introducing: Class of the Week

With so many amazing classes to choose from, how do you pick just one?! To help guide you and to highlight some of our favorites, we’re starting a weekly campaign called Class of the Week! Every week we’ll shine the light on one adult class. It could be a new class we’re trying for the first time, or a popular core class everyone loves.  Along with extra info and inspiration about the class, for the entire week it’ll be listed at 10% off regular enrollment price!!


To kick things off, our new class Quilting: Color Composition takes the stage. We’re all very excited about this new course and adore the instructor Joey Casey.  He’s an unbelievable teacher and equally charismatic and funny.

In this class students will learn the basic techniques of quilting, while exploring color and composition.  You’ll become versed in the fundamentals of quilting and use both hand and machine techniques to complete a small project.  Quilting is a skill you can use for a lifetime – come discover modern and fun ways to make it fresh and unique!

Register now to secure a place in this inspiring class!

November 10- December 8

Sundays 11-2

TAC’s Brooklyn Studio

quilts1 quilts2 quilts3


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