Introducing: Artists in Residence 2012-13

We’re so excited to announce our new round of Artists in Residence for the 2012-13 cycle!

While this is our 4th cycle of the program, this year brings a few changes. For the past 3 cycles, we have enjoyed the company of 6 artists for 6 months. Now, we have extended the program to last 9 months, and include more intensive workshops and critical dialogue in order to better engage in the artist and designer’s life in NYC.

This year we have been working to raise funds to change the direction of this program which we see as an important intermediary period for many who study textiles. If you are interested in supporting the program, you can donate here, or contact us to learn more about sponsorship at

We look forward to what this year will bring, and will be sure that each artist and designer is sharing there work with you as they go along. I hope you will look forward to following these people:

Kristin Morrison

Kristin Morrison hails from Southern California, making the move to Brooklyn to begin the Residency at TAC. She is a natural dyer, and designer, working to create objects without taking more than she needs. It’s important to her to create a situation that is not destructive to our world, draining limited resources.


Kelly Valletta (our very our Youth Programs Director!)

For the past 2 years we’ve enjoyed the company of Kelly as she has directed our Youth Programs to great success. Watching her in the classroom is extraordinarily inspiring as she teaches our young students about weaving, printing, dyeing, and contemporary art. Now, we get to know her as an artist. We look forward to exploring her interests in building looms, repurposing found furniture, and mixing media.


Eleanor Anderson

Eleanor is a young fiber artist and recent grad of Colorado College. Her portfolio spans printmaking, book arts, and textiles. Her woven and embroidery work were of particular interest to us, and we can’t wait to be a part of her next steps as a fiber artist in NYC.


Lucia Cuba

Lucia is a fashion designer and social scientist. Among many things, she has studied fashion design in Lima, Peru (her home town), and holds a BSc in Social Psycology, an MSc in Education Psychology, and a PhD in Public Health. After being awarded a Fulbright Scholorship, she received an MFA from Parsons in Fashion Design + Society where her thesis focuses on activism around female sterilizations that occurred in Peru in the late 90′s.

We are thrilled to have Lucia as part of the program – a true international pioneer in art + fashion.


Kate Parvenski

Kate is a fiber artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Vassar College in 2008 and studied at Studio Art Centers International (S.A.C.I.) in Florence, Italy. As a recipient of the Weitzel Barber Art Prize, Kate spent a month in Japan studying costume design and traditional Japanese theater in the summer of 2008.

Currently, Kate’s work explores the sculptural possibilities of fiber using embroidery techniques.

Mandy Kordal

You might know her through her supported Kickstarter campaign or the NY Times article on young designers funding their projects. Mandy has successfully made herself known as an up-and-coming designer in Brooklyn through her unique knitwear. Currently, Mandy pushes her brand to further heights through sustainable practices and producing locally.

We can’t wait to support her in her next steps as a designer!

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  1. All very exciting! I look forward to seeing the work and how this residency takes shape.

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