Inspired by the Moon: Re-purposed leather jewelry by Cheri Messerli

Recently having taken the leather making workshop at TAC, I’ve been inspired to use leather for jewelry making.  Not only is leather beautiful and long lasting, it can also be reused and reclaimed. I was nonetheless very pleased when I was passed along the spring look book for designer Cheri Messerli.

Messerli, inspired by the cycle of nature and the moon,  brings to us a new season of hand-crafted jewelry. Post consumer leather scraps are thoughtfully designed, cut by hand and painted.  Originally hailing from the picturesque state of  California, Messerli is inspired by design in nature and practicing high stewardship of our  planet Earth.  Thank you for designing such beautiful, thoughtful pieces!  Wholesale and press inquiries:


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  1. very cool necklace

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