INSIDE SCOOP: STATE Secret Summer Catalog



It’s that time of year again!  The second Secret Summer Catalog by STATE mails out in a week! Produced by the clothing label STATE (designed by TAC Magazine editor Adrienne Antonson), the Secret Summer Catalog celebrates a communal spirit and the art of collaborating. While Adrienne and I were talking, it was clear that this is the perfect example of how TAC creates a community within itself, that expands far outside our doors. Whether you take a class, are in AIRintern, or teach, you are creating connections with so many different people…in fact, many of the designers featured in this years catalog are artists that Adrienne met through TAC!

Adrienne gives a little inside scoop on this catalog and the collaborative effort that went into it.

We collaborated with our favorite brands and friends to curate one heck of a collection:

Thomas Benjamin Chamberlain
Gamma Folk
All Hands
Study NY
Hannah Schultz
Molly Haynes


What’s Adrienne’s goal for the SSC?

The catalog is mainly for my own amusement –  just to do something outside of my norm.  It’s so different than what I do for the rest of the year, and it’s a great way to collaborate with a bunch of people I admire. I think the fun that we all have working on the catalog is contagious — and the goal is that the recipients of the catalog get a taste of that spirit. My number one rule is that there are no rules …well, actually, my number one rule is that I can’t be stressed!

Made in the same vein as the TAC spirit – everything is handcrafted; there’s machine knitting, leather working, natural dyeing, weaving…

With creative Summer items curated just for this collection, everything is one of a kind and available only through this exclusive print catalog.

With more color than STATE has ever used, the garments are the epitome of summer — think:  head-to-toe silk looks, garments dyed with pigment fireworks, hand painted denim jumpsuits, crazy embroidered sweatshirts, felted wall hangings, ceramic and fiber jewelry, and metallic ballet slippers, just to name a few.


What do you do now?

1. Buy a copy online in the STATE store.
2. Wait patiently.
3. Get it in the mail.
4. Be amazed! And find a wealth of amazing items made just for your shopping pleasure.
5. Make some origami.
6. Go online. Enter the password that comes with the catalog, unlocking the secret online shop.
7. Shop for things that only other lucky catalog holders can see.
8. Send a postcard.
9. Get your dreamy new digs in the mail,  and be showered with compliments.
10. Wait for next Summer, when you can do it all over again.  

The catalog is a tiny Summer adventure in itself.

• Page after page of eye-candy editorial images that paint the perfect Summer mood
• An original essay by Nikaela Marie Peters
• A stamped and ready to mail postcard project
• A step-by-step guide to making an origami basket using catalog pages
• A code for free shipping
• And the most important part — a password that grants you access to the secret online store where everything can be yours!

So, what are you waiting for?!  STATE only made a limited amount, so grab your copy now!

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