Get Out of Town! A Weekend of Wool + Color

I met Sarah Ryhanen of SAIPUA back in February, when she visited Oaxaca to further explore plant intelligence, sensitivity and the paranormal. As a well-known soap and flora aficionado, with a 100-acre farm upstate and gorgeous studio in Red Hook, I suppose I should not have been surprised that she also raised a flock of Icelandic sheep and recently took up spinning. The first time we hung out in Brooklyn, she handed me a lock of ombre fleece -  a soft gray fading to ochre.


sheep flower field

Photos via SAIPUA


Celebrating 10 years, SAIPUA started its educational initiative this year. Classes at the farm and in Brooklyn range from floral arranging, plant knowledge and soap making, to baking and tomato canning. The point being to bring “more nature, more connection, more mystery, and intensely pleasurable moments which defy definition.”

And starting September 16-18, add textiles to that list. During a full weekend of sheep, flowers and sleeping in a tipi, we’ll examine wool and natural color as material and source with Cara Marie Piazza and Heather Love.


farm tub

My experience at TAC gifted me the understanding of just how important community is for creativity, and creativity in building connection. Education is many things, but I’ve come to most appreciate moments in group learning as a vehicle for shifting our interactions, with each other and our environments. I, personally, am looking forward to a weekend in the woods, leaving my textile knowledge behind and re-learning about the natural human connection with textiles and making as a means of embodying creativity. Come join us!

For more info or to sign up, visit here.

September 16-18 — Worlds End Farm; Esperance, NY

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Photos via Cara Marie Piazza

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