Get Inspired: Double Weaving

Double weaving fascinates me! Being able to weave two layers at the same time in the loom, one on top of the other, is mind-blowing, even when you understand the process. The two layers can be totally independent, connected at just one of the selvedges or connected at both, allowing for a variety of effects.

Double weaving has been used for thousands of years to create double sided patterns and wider and stronger fabrics. It can also be used to create pockets on your fabrics, that can hold little objects, or be padded, to create a quilted fabric. You can even weave a seamless pillow sham, stuff it, and close it, all on the loom and without ever using a needle. As I said, mind-blowing.

Alpaca wool double weave scarf

Gunta Stolzl, Double Weave Study

Signe Rand Ebbesen, double cloth, lurex + silk + elastic

Lace double weave

Eric Whiting, Double weave

Double weave blanket

Already a weaver, but want to take it to the next level? We’re offering a Double Weaving class soon at TAC.

Weaving 201- Double Width
Brooklyn Location
4 Session(s)
Tues 6:30-9:30PM, February 12 – March 5
Class Details: Click Here

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