From Farm to Fabric with Manufacture New York

This past weekend, Manufacture New York hosted a 2-day weekend exploration into local textile production and sustainable fashion practices. This event included hands on workshops and panel discussions that furthered the dialogue surrounding locally sourced materials in the fashion supply chain.

“From Farm to Fabric” brought together leading artists, designers, and makers in NYC and the surrounding areas. Participants traveled from China, Australia, and throughout the US to attend the Workshop Symposium. The curriculum was designed to provide an overview of New York’s local supply chain and fiber farming community, introducing designers and students to ethical sourcing and textile development and allowing participants to experience the excitement that is palpable in Manufacture New York’s Industry City flagship location.

Workshop participants dyeing together and sharing the vat.

Adriana Lentrichia guiding a spinning workshop using locally sourced wool.

Saturday featured workshops from Buckwheat Bridge Angoras’ Margot Becker, drop spindle spinning with Artifact’s Adriana Lentrichia, bundle dyeing with organizers Nica Rabinowitz and Mimi Prober, as well as Bengala mud dyeing with Loop of the Loom. Saturday’s panel featured Ali Schachtschneider, from Genspace. Ali grows her own textiles from bacteria and mycelium to create bio-art that questions how we perceive the body and the objects that surround it. Pascale Gatzen (People of the Light) and Holly Henderson (of Simply Natural Clothing) also discussed the need to shift value systems within the industry. Laura Sansone (of Textile Lab and Parsons the New School for Design) led the “Local Textile Creation” panel.

Nica showing the way iron shifts the PH and saddens the color.

Nica Rabinowitz demonstrating the magic of eco prints and bundle dyes.

Sunday’s “Sustainability in Fashion” panel featured Sass Brown (FIT, Eco Fashion Talk), Timo Rissanen (Parsons the New School for Design), and designers Daniel Silverstein and Mimi Prober who have their studios based within Manufacture New York’s groundbreaking space.

Timo Rissanen speaking on the "Sustainability in Fashion" panel

Sunday’s jam-packed workshop schedule included felting with Nica Rabinowitz and weaving with Molly George (Ghost and the Goodship). After the eye-opening “Sustainability in Fashion” panel, Laura Sansone demonstrated indigo dyeing with fresh indigo leaves picked that morning from a community dye garden in Beacon, New York. Attendees used Green Eileen clothing to explore the wonders of fresh indigo. The Dogwood Dyer’s Liz Spencer also engaged people with the wonders of living color through painting with natural dyes.

Molly George leading the tapestry weaving workshop

Green Eileen indigo experiments drying

Exploring painting with natural dyes

"Makers Gonna Make" at Manufacture New York

The From Farm to Fabric Workshop Symposium was a launching event for an entire fall calendar of classes that will explore what it means to be made in New York and continue the learning initiatives introduced at the Symposium. The goal is to turn talk into action, and create viable alternatives to the current unsustainable systems in the fashion and textile industries.

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