Dress for Spring

Last year, I took my first steps into start sewing clothes for myself. See, I’ve always made clothes and accessories, but as a terrible seamstress, I always opted for crochet/knitting and very minimal stitching.

On the believe that one should always try to overcome themselves, I took a Sewing class last Spring at TAC, and since then I’ve been exploring the amazing world of “mumu”-shaped dresses. Hand-dyed, hand-painted, hand-printed, I just like to think about it as a canvas for everything else. A canvas that then I wear aaaaall the time.

I can feel Spring arriving (even if in a very shy way) and started getting excited about updating my default mumu pattern into a more shaped dress. And a good excuse to add a few more skills to my sewing basket. I’ve been looking at vintage patterns for inspiration, and here’s my round-up. I love this for their minimal shape, but also, for their suggestion of using fun patterned fabric and surface design techniques to spice it up. What do you say, ready to dress for Spring?

Feeling inspired? Plenty of Sewing classes coming up at TAC, including a Sewing 101: Dresses class, taught by the incredibly talented Jamie Lau.

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