Drawings in Wood + Cotton: Opening May 22, TAC Manhattan

As we get ready for Spring and the relaunch of our entire website and retail shop (July!), artists Francesca Capone and Elise McMahon will take over the Manhattan store with their latest collaborative exhibition: Drawings in Wood + Cotton

Join us for the opening, Wednesday, May 22 – 7-10PM! 

Show dates are May 22 – June 20

Francesca Capone and Elise McMahon’s most recent project Drawings in Wood & Cotton is an exploration of geometry and structure in the context of the loom. An interdisciplinary team since their time at the Rhode Island School of Design, they have specialized backgrounds in textiles (Capone) and furniture (McMahon). Continuing their collaborative relationship, the two artists step away from traditional rectilinear frame looms and the aesthetics of their resulting weavings. Instead of considering the loom as machinery for production, they see it as a sculptural object, a skeleton for the woven form to respond to.  Working with open weaves,  space becomes a medium.  The colorful cotton moves around the wooden scaffolding, highlighting the inner geometries of each form. Deconstructing the languages of weaving and furniture, Elise and Francesca approach their loom-forms just as a line drawing on graph paper, resulting in new shapes, patterns, and structures.

Elise McMahon is an artist and designer. She is based in NYC and the Hudson Valley, and has a BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her interest lies in recontextualizing everyday objects and experiences using any number of materials and interactive elements.
Francesca Capone is an artist and designer working in textiles, visual poetry and graphics. She is based in New York City and exhibited her first solo show Weaving Language in 2012 at End of Century, NYC. She studied Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design (’09) and will attend Brown University this coming Fall 2013 for an MFA in Cross-Disciplinary Literary Arts.

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