DIY T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial!

If you’re like me, you could get lost for hours looking at DIY projects on Pinterest! Since moving to New York from Kansas, my love for creating has not disappeared, however my funds for projects have. As an artist who’s focus is within natural dyes and sustainable art practices, it’s no surprise that I take an interest in up-cycling projects! Love knitting, crocheting or other activities but don’t have the budget for yarn? Here’s a simple DIY T-shirt yarn project you can do with home supplies!

What you’ll need:


T-shirt (preferably without seams on the side)


Step 1:

Lay your T-shirt out flat and face up on a work surface. Cut the top of the T-shirt off by starting right under the armpit on one end and cutting straight across. You will also want to cut off the bottom hem of your shirt.


Step 2:

Fold one side of the T-shirt towards the other, leaving 1 inch spacing at the top. (I prefer going smaller – leaving ½ an inch of spacing at the top.) Cut strips 1 inch thick. Note that you can cut the strips as thin or as wide as you want, but ½” – 1” is standard. Be sure to NOT CUT the space at the top.



Step 3:

Open your shirt so that the uncut portion at the top is in the center and the cut portions fan out at the side. This should provide an image similar to a ribcage. Starting at the bottom of the “ribcage”, cut in the center and working towards the left, cutting diagonally to the edge of your first cut. You’ll see that this begins to create a strip of fabric that will eventually become your yarn.




Continue cutting the strips diagonally from right side to left side, to make one continuous strip of fabric yarn.

Step 4:

Once finished with step 3, pull the single strip of T-shirt yarn through your hands to create a tube shape. This will help the edges to curl.


 Step 5:

Continue to pull the T-shirt yarn until it is all tube-shaped. Roll the T-shirt yarn into a ball, rotating directions in which you wrap until all is wound.



 Stay tuned to see what I will make with my T-shirt yarn! Happy knitting!

Photo collaboration with Jason Diaz.

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