DIY Mini Tapestry Necklace on a Cardboard Loom!

As a summer camp instructor at Textile Arts Center, and now as a Youth Education Intern, one of my favorite parts of the job has been teaching weaving. I love how excited and involved the kids become, and the beautiful and inspirational pieces that are created! Below is a short tutorial on how to make a mini tapestry necklace on a cardboard loom.. A perfect holiday gift idea or a fun project for a cold and wintry day!


Materials: cardboard, scissors, yarn, tapestry needle, ruler.

Step 1: To create your loom, cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle that is 3.5 inches wide and 7 inches long. These dimensions can vary depending on how long and wide want your final weaving to be.


Step 2:  On the sides of the loom that measure 3.5 inches (the top and the bottom of the loom) cut 10 slits that are about 1/4 inch deep and 1/4 inch apart.




Step 3: Choose a ball of yarn for your warp. The warp is the yarn that runs vertically in a weaving.  Slide the end of the yarn into the upper left slit leaving a 2-3 inch tail hanging out the back.


Step 4: Pull the yarn down the length of the loom and then insert it into the bottom left slit. Wrap the string around the back of the loom and then insert it into the next available slit on the top of the loom. Continue this process until all of the slits have been filled with yarn.


Step 5: Cut the warp yarn off the ball of yarn leaving a 2-3 inch tail. On the back side of the loom, tie the two tail ends together in a double knot. Now your loom is warped!



Step 6: Choose a yarn to be your first weft yarn.  The weft is the yarn that runs horizontally in a weaving. Cut a length of yarn (your choice) and thread your tapestry needle.


Step 7: Starting either from the left or right, begin weaving a plain weave (over one string, under the next….over, under, over, under). Repeat 10 times until you reach the end of the warp strings. Loop around the outside string and weave back across!



Step 8:  Choose a new color of yarn or continue with the same color until you reach the desired length of your weaving.



Step 9: Cut a piece of yarn that is the length you want your necklace to be. Choker? Pendant? It’s up to you! Get creative with this part! You can braid it, add beads, use a piece of fabric.. Whatever you have around – it’s your aesthetic!

Step 10: Cut your weaving off the loom.  To do this, flip your loom over and cut through all of the warp strings on the back.


Step 11: On the top of your weaving, tie the outer left and outer right warp thread to your necklace string.



Step 12: To finish your weaving, tie the remaining warp strings together in groups of two. To get more creative, you could braid the warp strings or add beads or tassels! Trim any dangling weft and warp threads to clean up your weaving.






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