DIY: Knit Rings


You’re waiting for a friend who’s running late, sick of looking at dreary people on the subway, or just bored out of your mind. Whatever the case, you can use those otherwise unproductive minutes to knit a ring (and I assure you, you’ll look super handsome doing it). This morning, I made the one on the far left. Yes, the one that looks kind of confused and happy.

Here is how I made it.


Step 1:


Gather what you’ll need:

1) Yarn (Try salvaging yarns from other projects. You just need a little.)

2) Knitting needles of your choice (I like my metal needles because they look sooooo hardcore.)

3) A tapestry needle


4) Scissors


Step 2:


This is probably the most complex part, which is to measure the circumference of whichever finger you choose and figure out how many stitches you’ll need to reach the measured circumference. I accidentally made my first ring when I was making a gauge swatch for another project. Once you’ve figured out the number you’ll need, cast on your stitches.


Step 3:


Continue in rows to achieve the desired width. You can get super crazy if you like or just garter like I did.


Step 4:


Once the width seems perfect for you, cast off however you like. If you cast off the old fashioned way without fancy methods, make sure to allow extra yarn between each cast off stitch so the ring won’t be choking your finger.


Step 5:


Pick a tail and stitch together the short ends to form a ring. After the ends are closed, weave in the rest of the tail. Do the same with the other tail.


Step 6:



“WOW!” or “DUH!”


Step 7:

Use your imagination and leftover materials wisely – I meant unwisely – and make your ring your own. I was in a very hypnotic state this morning while taking the photos for this tutorial, next to the towers of colorful yarns at TAC Brooklyn. The end result? Yes, the one that looks kind of confused and happy.



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