Diane Meyer: Episodic

“This series is based on photographs taken at various points in my life and arranged by location. Sections of the images have been obscured through a layer of embroidered pixels sewn directly into the photograph. The embroidery deteriorates sections of the original photograph forming a new pixelated layer of the original scene. The project refers to the failures of photography in preserving experience and personal history as well as the means by which photographs become nostalgic objects that obscure objective understandings of the past.”

I really love the way Diane Meyer forces a conversation between technology and embroidery; she begins a dialogue with the viewer about how pixels play a role in preserving our memories through photography.

The distorted faces in her New Jersey series is probably what is affecting me the most. I love it when an artist puts you in a situation where you are forced to have a dialogue about what’s going on in front of you…and how it ties into your own story.

Images and quote courtesy of Diane Meyer’s website – where you can find even more incredible images.

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