Cycle 4 AiR: Interview with Lucia Cuba


Textile Arts Center: How did you first become involved with the Textile Arts Center?

Lucia Cuba: I was looking for a place to screen-print a project in New York and searched all over Manhattan and Brooklyn for the ideal place because I really needed it to be handmade. I ended up finding much more than a screen-print studio.

TAC: What medium do you generally work in?

LC: Cloth and clothes.


TAC: What inspires your work?

LC: Anything that triggers emotional conversations in me.

TAC: What is your artistic process like?

LC: It depends on the project, but archival research, interviews, facts and references, drafting, tactile feelings, and ongoing learning processes usually strengthen the foundation of my work.

TAC: What did you learn from your experience as an AIR at TAC?

LC: Among many things I’ve learned to appreciate cloths much more. This process came together with a strong and empowered collaborative community that encourages respectful, organic and constructive conversations.

TAC: Who is your favorite designer or artist and why?

LC: I appreciate the work of any artist and designer that can make you react from an aesthetic and also a non-aesthetic perspective.


TAC: If you could wear one article of clothing forever what would it be?

LC: A tunic – I actually wear them all the time.

TAC: What do you always have in your studio?

LC: Coffee and loud music.

TAC: What’s your favorite place in the world and why?

LC: I appreciate the state of mind in which I feel happy, and this can happen in very different places.

TAC: If you could recommend one class at TAC which one would it be?

LC: Embroidery and Soft sculpture.


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