Cycle 4 AiR: Interview with Kristin Morrison


Textile Arts Center: How did you first become involved with the Textile Arts Center?

Kristin Morrison: I came by on a visit to NYC a few years back and vowed to spend some time at TAC…although I didn’t know in what capacity it would be back then!

TAC: What medium do you generally work in?

KM: Natural Dyes.

TAC: What inspires your work?

KM: The plants that I harvest for my work, the natural world, design, architecture, color.

TAC: What is your artistic process like?

KM: My process involves exploring and interacting with plants. It involves tons of experimenting, drawing, writing, and constructing.  I document, then I allow the findings to inform me.

TAC: What did you learn from your experience as an AIR at TAC?

KM: I learned a ton about my process;  what works for me and what doesn’t.  I acquired skills that I can implement for the rest of my life that will always help push my work.  I learned how to articulate, to peel away layers and to find my voice.



TAC: Who is your favorite designer or artist and why?

KM: I’m really loving Cosmic Wonder right now.  I love their minimalistic designs, tasteful details, and the fact that they use natural dyes!  As for an artist, I say Lenore Tawney.  A fine artist and a weaver, I deeply resonate with her work, especially her air drawings. She was a legend who blurred the lines between craft and fine art.

TAC: If you could wear one article of clothing forever what would it be?

KM: Most likely an Indigo dyed linen tunic:)

TAC: What do you always have in your studio?

KM: Plants, music, and lots of books!

TAC: What’s your favorite place in the world and why?

KM: A magical section of the CA coast called Big Sur.  Its where the ocean meets the trees, my ideal:)

TAC: If you could recommend one class at TAC which one would it be?

KM: How to choose?!!  I loved the printing with natural dyes that class.



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