Cycle 4 AiR: Interview with Eleanor Anderson


Textile Arts Center: How did you first become involved with the Textile Arts Center?

Eleanor Anderson: I first became involved with TAC when I was looking for artist residencies in textiles at the end of college.

TAC: What medium do you generally work in?

EA: I love to draw, paint and collage. I also love various printmaking processes. During the TAC residency, I experimented with dyeing, machine sewing and screen printing.

TA: What inspires your work?

EA: I find inspiration everywhere I look! When I was living in New York, I loved the pastiche of patterns of people’s clothing, pressed tightly together on the subway. Currently, I am living on a dude ranch is Sunlight Basin Wyoming, and the mountains inspire me everyday. I love the way the aspen leaves shimmy like tambourines and how the mountains recede in various shades of blue at the beginning and end of the day.


TAC: What is your artistic process like?

EA: I spend a lot of time drawing in sketchbooks that I bind myself. I find that these books hardly ever hold “finished” pieces, but are vessels for a certain time and place in my life and how I see the world during that time.

TAC: What did you learn from your experience as an AIR at TAC?

EA: I learned SO MUCH! Wow. Hard to say what specifically – I learned how the support of five other amazing artists and two incredible mentors can push you to places that you never thought you would go with your art.

TAC: Who is your favorite designer or artist and why?

EA: Agnes Martin, because of how she lived and wrote about her work.

TAC: If you could wear one article of clothing forever what would it be?

EA: I would wear my camper zip up booties and wrangler jean jacket.

TAC: What do you always have in your studio?

EA: I always have my watercolors that I keep in days of the week pill boxes.


TAC: What’s your favorite place in the world and why?

EA: Hard one! Wherever my friends and family happen to be… But exploring Sunlight Basin Wyoming on my mountain bike makes me happy everyday.

TAC: If you could recommend one class at TAC which one would it be?

EA: Machine Knitting with Lindsay Deegan!



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